Posted on: August 18, 2009 5:25 pm

Favre a Viking, will he help?

First off I want you all to know, I live in Green Bay, born and raised here. I am a huge Packer fan, and love what Brett brought to Green Bay. I am really looking forward to a most exciting season especially the two Packer, Viking games. To all you Viking fans who think this is your answer to a superbowl, well dont hold your breath. I remember Brett playing some of his worst games in domes. Not only Minnesota, but Dallas as well. He has always stuggled in domes against subpar teams, including DETROIT! Not only that but we all know more injuries occurr on artificial turf. A few hard sacks and well Id hate to say it, but the consecutive start streak ends this year with the Vikings hopes of a superbowl victory. Dont get me wrong I do not want to see Favre or anyone else get injured, but the man will be 40. I do wish him the best of luck, and if by some chance they do make it to the superbowl I will be cheering for Brett, and id hate to say it, the vikings. I know Green Bay will be ready for the compition. Good luck Brett and vikings, we will see you soon.
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Posted on: August 11, 2009 10:37 am

Tiger was hurried also

What everyone is missing is that Tiger was also on the clock not just Harrington. The rules are in place for a reason, so they should not faulter because its the last group or Tiger. Otherwise change the rule to accomodate last group. Tiger hit his shot, Harrington did not. That is Tiger though, when the pressure is on he plays his best. I think Tiger made the comments because he loves a challenge, and the thrill of winning on 18, and this was taken from him and the fans because of an official ruling. I really do not think he was attacking the rule or official, and should not warrant a fine. He simply stated that it affected Harringtons shot. Would anyone else have gotten a fine? Hard to say, but like any other pro athlete, especially ones in the limelight like Tiger, they need to watch what they say in this ever so sensitive society we have.
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